Facts About Towing Business’

When people hear of towing and recovery, many people think of an accident scene, a wreckage, or an immobile vehicle etc. While its true towing is associated with such scenarios, there are a number of other things that probably many are not aware of about the towing and recovery industry.

Towing and recovery go way beyond damaged and wrecked vehicles. Most people have been to a public or private establishment and seen a notice that says ‘No parking’ or “parking reserved for an ambulance’ among other related notices. Have you ever asked yourself what will actually happen if you ignored the notice and parked your vehicle in those spots? Probably the first thought is that you will be arrested and fined. While this will definitely happen, the authorities in charge will not sit and wait for you to finish whatever you have gone to do wherever you are (they don’t know of course). The tow truck comes in handy and so you will find your vehicle towed away and taken to their recovery unit. Here, you will have to pay the fine as well as towing charges before your car is released.

It may easily be mistaken that the towing trucks will take all the vehicles they find illegally parked. However, that is not usually the case as they also employ strategies to maximize their ‘catch’ just like in fishing. Remember their main concern is not about the parking rules but rather the money they make out of towing. Therefore, the strategy is simple, leave some bait. What does that mean? If one vehicle is left illegally parked, another driver will likely think that parking is allowed in that spot. Consequently, more drivers will illegally park and create a larger catch for the towing company.

Other than damaged, immobile, wrecked or illegally parked vehicles, towing is also employed during vehicle repossessing. For individuals who have taken those huge car loans from financiers and default or are not willing to surrender the car, this can be trouble. It may take some time with cat and mouse games for the towing service to catch up. But when its least expected, the defaulter will be surprised to find the car loaded to a tow truck. Therefore, next time you hear of towing, it is not just about accidents. Do you want to call that car loan or illegal parking an ‘accident’?

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