Important Things You Need to Do Before Your Vehicle is Towed

On a number of occasions, you may have your car towed due to different reasons. Many of us who had to go through that towing experience will probably have little or nothing good to say about it. If you are yet to come face to face with a tow truck, it is important you know the important things to do before your car is towed. While many overlook the tow trucks, you will just never know when you will need one. You might miss or ignore the ‘No parking’ sign in town only to find your car mounted on the tow truck. Your car might also develop mechanical problems that would make it immobile or worse still, be involved in a car accident(no one wishes for these of course).

If you find that facing the tow truck is inevitable, there are things you don’t want to miss doing if you want the experience to be less of a nightmare as it has been to others. First things first, in case of an accident, find out from your insurance service provider if the towing cost is covered. If yes, identify the towing services that partner with your insurance service provider and call one of your choices. Agree on the arrangement with the truck driver in advance before your car is towed from the spot. This will ensure that after the towing, the towing company does not compel you to pay for the service. The agreement should also involve the garage where the car is taken for repairs in line with your insurer’s requirements. A towing service that works well with insurance companies in the San Francisco bay area is usually a bigger company. Click here to check out one of the bigger companies that you might want to use as a resource.

However, for instances where the insurance company does not accept liability for the towing charges, negotiate and reach an agreement with the truck driver before the towing is done to ensure that you are comfortable with the charges beforehand. Another important thing to do is either remove your valuable materials from the car or take an inventory of the items with the towing driver. The latter would not be so applicable in many situations as the companies usually do not take responsibility for lost items in the process of towing It would be much safer to remove them. Remember you are already facing problems and you don’t want to add salt to the injury by predisposing your valuables to either theft or damage.

While watching your car towed by some truck is depressing, sometimes it becomes unavoidable. When such instances arise, take note of the above-discussed things and the experience won’t be as bad as it would have been.

The Top Three Misconceptions About Towing That I want to Demystify

The towing industry is increasingly growing in popularity among many people. At least once in every day, a tow truck is engaged somewhere following either vehicle breakdown on the road, car crashes, clearing illegally parked cars or even recovering vehicles from loan defaulters. The growing popularity of this industry has brought about many misconceptions about towing. In this article, I want to demystify those misconceptions associated with the industry.

Various truck drivers believe that to increase the capacity of their trucks, they need to increase the hitch to their trailers. This is a misconception the manufacturer of every vehicle puts the maximum carrying capacity for a good reason. When you mess with the carrying capacity of the truck in whatever way, it interferes with the stability, performance, and efficiency of the truck. It further causes steering failure, braking system failure, and difficulties in controlling the truck.

The second common misconception that tow truck owners have is that truck campers can work with all types of towing extensions. While this could work previously when the tow trucks were mainly refurbished pieces of art, today’s tow trucks are designed and manufactured based on certain standards. Due to the standardized features and the unique designs from different manufacturers, it becomes impossible for the truck campers to work with all the types of towing extensions in the market. Therefore, each towing extension has to be compatible with the tongue weight capacity for each truck.

Another common misconception that people have about towing is that the tow trucks do not require as much care like the other cars. This is a false belief since the tow trucks equally require regular service and maintenance just like the other vehicles. The care should however not only be focused on the engine but also to the trailer and campers as well. Imagine a situation where a tow truck breaks down while towing a broken-down car. It is going to be such a disaster because double work will have to be done to tow the truck and the car as well. to avoid such frustrations, it is mandatory to ensure that the entire truck is serviced and well maintained.

If you are a tow truck owner or an aspiring one, I believe I have enlightened you on the top three misconceptions about towing. Keenly follow the information highlighted in this article and I believe your experience in the industry will be a whole different.

Facts About Towing Business’

When people hear of towing and recovery, many people think of an accident scene, a wreckage, or an immobile vehicle etc. While its true towing is associated with such scenarios, there are a number of other things that probably many are not aware of about the towing and recovery industry.

Towing and recovery go way beyond damaged and wrecked vehicles. Most people have been to a public or private establishment and seen a notice that says ‘No parking’ or “parking reserved for an ambulance’ among other related notices. Have you ever asked yourself what will actually happen if you ignored the notice and parked your vehicle in those spots? Probably the first thought is that you will be arrested and fined. While this will definitely happen, the authorities in charge will not sit and wait for you to finish whatever you have gone to do wherever you are (they don’t know of course). The tow truck comes in handy and so you will find your vehicle towed away and taken to their recovery unit. Here, you will have to pay the fine as well as towing charges before your car is released.

It may easily be mistaken that the towing trucks will take all the vehicles they find illegally parked. However, that is not usually the case as they also employ strategies to maximize their ‘catch’ just like in fishing. Remember their main concern is not about the parking rules but rather the money they make out of towing. Therefore, the strategy is simple, leave some bait. What does that mean? If one vehicle is left illegally parked, another driver will likely think that parking is allowed in that spot. Consequently, more drivers will illegally park and create a larger catch for the towing company.

Other than damaged, immobile, wrecked or illegally parked vehicles, towing is also employed during vehicle repossessing. For individuals who have taken those huge car loans from financiers and default or are not willing to surrender the car, this can be trouble. It may take some time with cat and mouse games for the towing service to catch up. But when its least expected, the defaulter will be surprised to find the car loaded to a tow truck. Therefore, next time you hear of towing, it is not just about accidents. Do you want to call that car loan or illegal parking an ‘accident’?

Why You Should Hire a 24-Hour Professional Towing Company

Every driver understands that a vehicle is something that needs proper maintenance and service to ensure optimal functioning. We service our vehicles on a regular basis to minimize car troubles and ensure our safety while on the road. While this is crucial, you must understand that your vehicle is bound to develop issues anytime, anywhere. If you’ve been driving for a couple of years, you know and can relate to this. Vehicles tend to break down when at the least convenient time. It can be very frustrating especially if you have your loved ones or guests on board.

When your vehicle breaks down, and you get stranded by the roadside, you need someone who can help you and your loved ones get off the highway. Remember this can happen at any time of the day. It’s, therefore, a good idea to hire a 24-hour professional company that can get you off the highway anytime, whether day or night. That’s the only way to ensuring that you and your family or passengers are safe and your car is towed to the nearest auto shop for repairs within the shortest time possible. Here are the benefits of working with a 24-hour towing company.

Save time and Money

Not all towing companies are available 24/7. Late in the night, some towing companies are usually closed, which means they cannot offer any assistance. It’s not a good idea to leave your vehicle parked somewhere overnight as a way of saving money. Your vehicle can be stolen or even vandalized. Ensure your vehicle is towed to a safer location to avoid such risks. Hiring a 24-hour professional towing service will save you time and money by towing your vehicle to a safe location, day or night.

Protect your Vehicle

We already indicated the risks of leaving your vehicle unattended on the highway in an unsafe location. Remember your vehicle is a huge investment, and you don’t want to lose it anytime soon. Instead of risking your vehicle being ticketed or impounded by the authorities, or stolen by thieves, contact a 24-hour professional towing company. Unlike other companies that are not available 24/7, a 24-hour towing company will quickly get to your location, load your vehicle, and transport it to your desired destination.

Prevent any Accidents

We’ve heard of many cases where unattended vehicles on the highway resulted in serious collisions or road accidents. Leaving your car on the shoulder or at the median or a highway can be dangerous for you and those on board. Trying to fix car problems yourself can result in an accident. Once your vehicle breaks down, it is better you remain seated in your vehicle while waiting for the towing company to arrive. A 24-hour professional towing service will arrive at your location quickly, ensure your safety and help you eliminate the risks.